Humanity Insaniyat is a non profitable organization which aims particularly to bring out the Humanity which is hidden inside each and every individual human being.

We are on a mission to take this mankind towards a better future .

It’s a humble request to each and every fellow citizen of this world to show support so that we will be able to achieve the main motto of this organization.

This organization is led by Pawas who is  currently the executive director of this organization.

Team Humanity- 🥰🥰🥰

Life is 10 % all about situations and 90 % how we react to it .


We welcome you to the official website of Humanity Insaniyat @niwaspawas

Developed keeping in mind the need of the hour

Your support is truly needed ,so its my humble request to all the readers to share this site and please do pay a visit to this site frequently.


Excursion time — Morning walk

Nibash Chandra Mahato

About Co-founder

Nibash is an average guy who is currently a student and pursuing his intermediate degree from DAV School ,Adityapur .

Even there are people in this universe who lives for others.

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User name – niwaspawas

Chandil, JHARKHAND 832403

Thank you for your concern

Do pay a visit again

From Team — Humanity Insaniyat

We believe in QUALITY and not in QUANTITY 
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